Mag Repair Kits

High capacity magazine repair kits at LAK Supply- Ban state tyranny got you down? Don't throw away that broken Magpul Pmag! We offer hicap mag repair parts kits!

LAK Supply offers a wide variety of mag kits and 10 round magazines for those of you in ban states. We offer a broad range of replacement mag parts from a variety of manufacturers. Arsenal Bulgarian Circle 10 AK-47 and AK-74 magazines; Magpul Pmags (MOE & Gen M3), ASC, Barrett, Mako, Metalform, BDM and many other AR-15 mag types; pistol magazines from Glock, HK, S&W, SIG, Ruger and more. We are your one stop shop for all shapes and sizes of magazines- high capacity magazines, 10 round magazines, mag loaders, etc.

When ordering parts for shipment to ban states (excepting CA - no sales allowed), please use the Mag Repair Kit category for compliant mag parts kits when you place your order. There is no extra charge, and there is nothing extra to add to your cart. All mag kits are sold for legal use only. If your state of residence has an outright ban on high capacity magazine possession and you must keep as parts only inside your state we expect you to follow the law and do so. If it is legal for you to assemble your kit into a permenantly altered magazine with 10 round or fewer capacity the same applies. Our goal is not to create criminals, rather to assist those of you fighting for your Second Amendment rights in staying compliant while retaining your right to keep and bear arms of the same sort your government has. We will continue to assist those of you as long as it is legally possible for us to do so... from there it's up to you to change your laws...




As of 2/9/17 LAK will no longer offer ANY mag parts for sale to any CA shipping addresses. The city of San Francisco has filed a lawsuit against LAK Supply and several other internet retailers, claiming that even incomplete mag parts sales are illegal in CA. We've done virtually no business of any type in CA for years at this point, your laws keep becoming more extreme, and places like the city of SF are more than happy to harass businesses to fulfill their political goals. At this point, it's simply no longer worth the harassment, which is exactly what the city of SF wants, unfortunately. Our apologies, but at this point it's really up to you, the people of CA, to change your oppressive laws. 

As requsted by the city of san francisco:

"Under california law, it is illegal for individuals in the state to buy "large-capacity" magazines, "large-capacity" magazine repair or rebuild kits, and disassembled "large-capacity" magazines. Under san francisco law, it is illegal for indiciduals in the city to possess these items. As of July 1, 2017, it will be illegal for individuals anywhere in the state of california to possess these items. Limited exceptions may apply."