Product Description

Magpul Enhanced Follower OD Green. Since Magpul's inception with their "Mag Pull" in 1999, the company has grown rapidly, and has come to be known for their product innovation, durable polymers, and rugged product reliability. Over their years in business Magpul's AR-15 magazines have become the most sought-after AR mags on the market, as witnessed by their scarcity in periods of massive demand in the firearms market. This is not hype, as Magpul Pmags have lived up to their reputation, and are considered by many shooters to be the best AR-15 magazine on the market. Magpul Enhanced Followers are no exception to the rule, and are top-notch equipment for your AR15 magazines. They are one of the least expensive mods for an AR, but provide some of the best function and assurance of reliability, and are an unmatched upgrade for the money spent. Please don't forget to leave a Magpul Enhanced Follower review for this product after your purchase! Functions: AR-15 GI magazines. These followers DO NOT function in Pmags or any other non GI-Spec magazines.