AR-15 9mm Magazines

With the AR-15 gaining in popularity with many sport shooters and those just wishing to exercise their Second Amendment rights, a variety of different chamberings have been developed for the AR 15 platform over the years. Some of these various AR15 calibers have fizzled while others have flourished. The AR-15 chambered in 9mm has been a steadily popular platform for years, particularly for CQC (close quarters combat) and entry weapons where a rifle round is overkill and the benefits of reduced recoil and muzzle flash are necessary. The weak link to the 9mm AR carbines has always been the magazine; many aftermarket magazines have not functioned properly, and becuase of this most people running 9mm through their AR 15 have chosen to use higher quality (and higher priced) OEM magazines. Metalform 9mm AR-15 magazines are hands-down the most sought-after 9mm mags on the market as they were the original manufacturer for Colt's OEM 9mm 32 round AR-15 magazines. These Colt magazines were widely respected, and because of this most consider Metalform to be the best 9mm AR15 magazine on the market. We recommend Metalform AR 9mm mags with no reservations, but also offer some lower-priced options that still produce quality results for those on a budget.

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