Product Description

Lancer Systems L5 AWM (Advanced Warfighter Magazine) AR-15 10 round magazine. Lancer AWM mags are the next generation in Lancer's magazine technology, incorporating their high-strength polymers and a steel feed lip insert at the top of the magazine to prevent feed lip creep and cracking. Lancer AR15 magazines have proven themselves over and over again, and although not as popular as the Magpul Pmag, are outstanding magazines in comparison to anything on the market... including the Pmag. Lancer AWM AR mags are durable, light weight, and reliable, and will provide years of service in your AR-15 platform rifle. Please don't forget to leave a Lancer L5 AWM magazine review for this product after your purchase! Functions: AR 15 rifles and all variants that use GI style AR-15 magazines.

10 rounds for bench rest shooting and compliance in areas where 10rd magazine restrictions are in force.