AR-15 .22LR Magazines

With the AR-15 gaining in popularity with many sport shooters and those just wishing to exercise their Second Amendment rights, a variety of different chamberings have been developed for the AR 15 platform in recent years. Some of these various AR15 calibers have fizzled while others have flourished. The AR-15 chambered in .22 LR is one of the most popular calibers for the AR-15 due to the low cost of just swapping an upper and feeding it inexpensive (except during a politician-inspired dry market of course) 22 LR ammo. Under normal circumstances shooters can plink with their full-size AR rifle at a fraction of the cost of using .223 or 5.56 ammo for fun at the range. Conversion kits such as ones from Ceiner have been around for years with recent offerings from CMMG and Spike's rounding out the field. There are also a variety of complete rifles and uppers available from reputable AR-15 manufacturers (this is a short list) such as the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, CMMG 22 LR uppers, Colt M4 carbine .22 LR, and Sig Sauer 522. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

All of these 22's need magazines, and while some (such as the Smith & Wesson) use proprietary .22 LR magazines, many others function with the polular Black Dog Machine magazine. Some 22 LR magazine compatability info from BDM. This is a list of 22 LR uppers/rifles/conversion kits that Black Dog machine 22 LR magazines will work with:

Ciener/Atchisson Model 1 Sales  - Spikes Tactical - Tactical Solutions - Target Master - Kel-Tec PLR22 - Chiappa M4-22 - Colt M4 Carbine .22 - Sig Sauer 522 - CMMG .22 Kit  NOTE: WILL WORK WITH THE B.H.O.A. BUT WILL NOT ACTIVATE IT - Bushmaster combo kit - MANY OTHER .22 ATCHISSON/CIENER STYLE CONVERSION UNITS, UPPERS & RIFLES THAT MIGHT NOT BE LISTED