AR-15 Magazines

LAK Supply offers a broad selection of AR-15 magazines for what many consider to be the best battle rilfe in the modern world. The fully-automatic version of the AR15 (US M16) has been a staple to the US Military as well as various other military and law enforcement agencies around the globe. Domestically, the semi-automatic AR 15 rifle is one of the most popular platforms for the American shooter. Whether you are sporting a Colt AR-15, DPMS M4 Carbine, Armalite M-15 SPR series, Bushmaster XM-15 Patrolman's carbine, or one of the MANY other AR-15 rifle brands out there, we have an AR-15 magazine to fit your needs.

Our broad selection of aftermarket and milspec AR 15 magazines includes brands like the wildly popular Magpul Pmag, D&H Industries, ASC, X Products X15 drums, Armatac Saw Mag 150 round drums, Troy Industries Battlemags, Mako E-Lander, Metalform 9mm, and many others. If you need assistance with choosing AR-15 magazines for your rifle please don't hesitate to drop us a line and ask any questions you may have. Always remember, we do ship compliant high capacity mag repair kits to ban states.