Anschutz MSR 22 Magazines

The Anschutz MSR 22 magazine is one of the highest quality mags on the market for some of the highest quality .22 LR rifles on the market. Anschutz, in partnership with Steyr Arms, has brought a new line of rifles to the US market in their Modern Sporting Rifles or MSR line. The MSR's are a chambered in .22 LR and include the MSR RX 22 Precision Black, MSR RX 22 Precision, MSR RX 22 Black Hawk, and MSR RX 22 Desert. These 22lr rifles are to rifles such as the S&W M&P 15-22 what the FN SCAR is to the AR-15. Sleek and functional, these MSR rifles are a beautiful piece of machinery made with all the oustanding precision that German manufacturing has to offer.