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Heckler & Koch, or simply HK, is one of the most well-know and widely respected names in the firearms industry, and we have the HK high capacity magazines you need to feed your German beast. From the USP45 Tactical and big brother Mk23 SOCOM to the MP5 and G3, H&K is one of the most trusted firearms companies in existence. Professionals around the world depend upon HK weaponry when their lives are on the line.

Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch and Alex Seidel founded Engineering Office Heckler & Co in 1948. They were the remaining Mauser engineers that saved what they could from the Waffenfabrik Mauser AG factory when the French destroyed it at the end of WWII. Striking out on their own, they took their Mauser engineering expertise and rolled it into their new venture- manufacturing small parts such as machine tooling, gauges and other precision pieces. By 1950 they were officially known as Heckler & Koch GmbH. In 1956 the company put in for a West German contract to design and manufacture a new infantry battle rifle, and they did it with a rifle that now holds a place in history- the G3. The rest, as you probably know if you're in this section, is history. High quality, German engineered history.


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