Product Description

Factory Glock 10 round Glock 23 magazine. These 40 S&W 10 round capacity mags are designed for use in any generation of Glock 23. They will also function in the Glock 27 sub compact. Mags fit flush in Glock 23 pistols (and Glock 32 357 SIG) but will extend from magwell when used in the Glock 27 (or Glock 33 357 SIG) models. These 10 round Glock magazines WILL NOT fit the full sized Glock 22, G35 long slide or G31 357 SIG as they are too short to insert completely into the magwell of any full size Glock pistols. Ten round magazines are required in some fascist regimes that like to chisel away at the rights of their citizens, so if you're one of those shooters who are unfortunate enough to have to deal with narcissistic criminal politicians, well, these give you OEM performance and keep you from being harassed by elitist jack boots. These mags are 40 S&W maked, but are identical to Glock 32 357 SIG mags except for the caliber marking. These are the best Glock magazine available- OEM Glock.